Outreach and Education – Fun stuff

Fun items for younger scientists. Check back for more fun things soon

Cut out and keep SKA dish

This cut out and keep SKA High frequency dish should be printed on to firm card and then cut out. A great way to get a school class understanding how the SKA arrays will work, be laid out, and how the science of interferometry is performed. Click on the image below, and print it out.









Or try our fun and free SKA Jigsaw puzzle. With several thousand telescopes and hundreds of institutes around the world working on building the SKA, the real SKA is also a vast jigsaw puzzle where every piece has to fit perfectly


[jigsaw-mp size=700 pieces=4 rotation=1 preview=1 bgcolor=’#f4f4f4′ myimage=” myimage=’http://www.jodrellbank.manchester.ac.uk/research/ska//Dishes_overview_web_large.jpg’]



Word Search

Why not try our fun word search. Some common words from the SKA Universe are in here, from telescope types to locations. See if you can find them all!



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