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Meet the people behind the SKA

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Dr. Maria Grazia Labate from Italy, system engineer on the SKA.

Monday 7 September 2015 – Today SKA Organisation is launching SKA People, an outreach initiative aimed at showcasing the diversity of people working on the SKA around the world.

“People from over 20 countries are involved in making the SKA a reality; engineers and scientists of course, but also policy-makers, project managers, and many others.” said Prof. Philip Damond, Director General of the SKA Organisation. “That is one of the great strengths of the SKA – its international nature – so it’s important to us to emphasise that.”

The 50 staff-strong SKA headquarters based at Jodrell Bank in the UK already counts 13 nationalities and the 11 SKA science working groups and 10 consortia tasked with designing the SKA are all international in scope, involving more than 500 people in some 100 institutions and companies around the world.


The initiative will regularly feature profiles of scientists, engineers, technicians, & experts in all fields, illustrating the many different backgrounds and skills of people involved in the SKA. It will also include outreach events, with the aim to engage the public with a diverse set of professionals working on the SKA.

The SKA Organisation has always been keen to feature a wide range of people, skills and backgrounds in its public outreach events, and has already participated in a number of such events locally, including TEDx Manchester, the Amazed by Science festival, Scibars, Jodrell Bank’s Girls Night Out and the Your Future Your Ambition event.

To discover the initiative and the people featured, visit

A map of the ~100 research institutions and companies around the world involved in designing the SKA.