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A submission can be made to the SKA memo series by anyone writing on an SKA-relevant topic. The aim of this memo series is to provide information about the development of the SKA; it is not a condition of publication that the ideas and opinions of the authors be endorsed by the SKA Organisation. Opinions and plausible arguments on SKA design and technology are acceptable. The SKA memo series plays an important role in disseminating ideas for the SKA, many of which later form the basis for official documents.

SKA memos may cover any aspect related to the SKA, but they must be relevant; primarily in a technical or scientific area, not political or polemics. A single memo should be directed at one or a small number of related topics. SKA memos do not have to conform to a particular style or format, but must be of a good standard of content and writing (in English). An SKA memo must be readable by the informed public, or at least the informed specialist; readability must be at the level of a full technical journal. Content need not meet the standards of a full technical journal, in the sense of technical verification. A submission to the SKA memo series will usually be subject to peer review.

To submit a document to the series, contact the SKA Comms Office.