News from Observer Countries – SKA eNews – July 2015

Firstly, we would like to congratulate Malta on becoming an Observer member on the SKA Board and joining the other Observer countries (read more here). The SKA is a global collaboration and with an ever increasing momentum, more and more countries are getting involved in one way or another to contribute to the design and activities of the SKA, while strengthening their position within the project.

France, Japan and Spain have contributed insightful reports into the SKA activities happening within their respective countries.



A major review has taken place concerning Frances effort to move to full membership in the SKA. Read about the long term prospective and priorities outlined by the French national science agency. Read on to find out more.


Flag_of_Japan_(with_border)Recent major news and activities have been outlined in this report from the Japan SKA Consortium. They have been involved in numerous science meetings and workshops, as well as a science book that has been completed. Read on to find out more.


Flag_of_Spain.svgOur Spanish colleagues have recently published the Spanish SKA White book, containing a coordinated effort of 120 astronomers! Read on to find out where to access the book.