News from Spain – SKA eNews – July 2015


The Spanish Square Kilometre Array (SKA) White Book was published on the 4th of June 2015. The book is the result of the coordinated effort of 120 astronomers from 40 different research centers, coordinated by Miguel A. Perez-Torres (IAA-CSIC, CEFCA), and shows the strong interest of the Spanish astronomical community in the SKA. The 29 chapters that comprise the book explore most science areas in which SKA will deliver transformational knowledge, including the key areas of the Cosmic Dawn, the Epoch of Reionisation, and the detection and understanding of gravitational waves. The pdf of the book can be accessed from the Spanish SKA minisite:

The book includes a Foreword kindly written by the SKA Director-General Prof. Phil Diamond, followed by a Preface by the editors summarising the close and active interest that the Spanish astronomical community has maintained in the development of the SKA.

Spanish researchers and engineers are active members of several SKA working groups since 2012, and currently 9 Spanish research centres and 11 companies contribute to the design of the SKA in 7 work packages, valued by the SKA Board at 2 Million Euro. With this White Book, the Spanish astronomical community clearly states a strong interest in Spain becoming an integral part of the SKA project, strengthening the current participation in the design, getting engaged in the construction, and having a leadership role in SKA science.