Past Committees and Working Groups

Details of past SKA Committees and Working Groups:

The following teams and groups of people have over the past years been intrinsic to the formation of the SKA. These groups are now or have been disbanded, but for scientists wishing to enquire about past decisions, can reference these groups and their work via contacting us here at the SKA office


International Engineering Management Team (IEMT), morphed into the Engineering Working Group (EWG) – DISBANDED
Chair : Peter Hall
Read more  about the IEMT and the EWG

SKA Science and Engineering Steering Committee (SSEC) – DISBANDED
Chair : Mike Garrett
Other members: SSEC

International Engineering Advisory Committee (IEAC) – DISBANDED
Chair: Peter Napier
Other members: IEAC

Site Characterisation Working Group (SCWG) – DISBANDED
Chair: Rob Millenaar
Other members: SCWG

Outreach Committee (OC) – DISBANDED
Chair: Jo Bowler
Other members: OC

Power Investigation Task Force (PITF) -DISBANDED
Chair: Peter Hall
Other members: PITF

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