Power Investigation Task Force (PITF) (Disbanded)

Practical limits on available power will impose significant design and performance boundaries for the SKA telescope. The role of the PITF was to examine renewable energy options for the SKA and to produce top-level briefing material for PrepSKA WP2 and WP3. THE PITF HAS BEEN DISBANDED.

Terms of reference:

  • Work with the SPDO and others to determine representative power demand figures for various SKA implementation scenarios, including profiles for demand evolution.
  • Investigate technological and operations strategies for reducing SKA power demand, and liaise with the SPDO and others in ensuring these options are included in the SKA system design process.
  • Investigate in broad terms the power options, including renewable options, that might be feasible at candidate central and remote sites.
  • Investigate the cost of power provision to the SKA for various supply and demand scenarios, and set out representative cost contributions to the SKA total cost of ownership.
  • Investigate the scientific and operational consequences of capping the SKA power demand at various levels over the instrument’s development and operations phases.
  • Identify key international power system expertise likely to be available to the SKA project, and compile a list of interested companies or other bodies.
  • Describe innovative power solutions already being trialled within Pathfinders or Design Studies.
  • Provide a summary of PITF findings to relevant PrepSKA work packages.



The PITF core group will be supplemented as required by power engineering specialists in fields such as renewable energy generation, distributed generation and demand minimisation.

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