RFI Monitoring Task Force (Disbanded)

The system design activities taking place at NRF, CSIRO and ASTRON, under the guidance of the SPDO, will lead to the completion, the integration and testing of the system.

As soon as the system properties become clear during the design, the final versions of the project documents can be made (Protocol, Instrumentation plan and Measurement plan). Next, the measurement campaigns will start at the two central sites (in Australia and South Africa), followed by a number of remote sites.

Bi-weekly teleconferences of the RFI Group will serve to coordinate the project.

Ron Beresford, CSIRO, Australia
Albert Jan Boonstra, ASTRON, The Netherlands
Wan Cheng, CSIRO, Australia
Aaron Chippendale, CSIRO, Australia
Peter Dewdney, SPDO
Francois Kapp, CSIRO
Rob Millenaar (chair), SPDO
Raj Thilak Rajan, ASTRON, The Netherlands
Richard Schilizzi, SPDO
Adrian Tiplady, NRF, South Africa
Kjetil Wormnes, CSIRO, Australia

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