The Project Timeline

The timeline of the SKA

The SKA was originally conceived in 1991 with an international working group set up in 1993. This led to the signing of the first Memorandum of Agreement in 2000. Considerable early development work then followed up to the short listing of potential sites in 2006. This culminated in the commencement of PrepSKA in 2008 leading to the SKA Organisation becoming a legal entity in 2011 and then shortly the SKA site selection in 2012. Requests for proposals were then sent out and received in 2013, which also saw evaluation and costing fixed.

Construction of Phase 1 will take place from 2018 to 2023 – with early science in 2020 – providing an operational array of telescopes capable of carrying out some of the key science set by the community, before scaling up to the full SKA by the late 2020s.

The following image shows a graphical representation of some of the key points in the evolution of the SKA. For a more detailed timeline for the detailed design phase click here