SKA Communications and Outreach Team

The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) is a large-scale, global astronomy project which will enable us to explore the sky in unprecedented detail. Even a few years after the start of construction in 2018 and long before it is completed, it will be more sensitive and powerful than any other existing astronomy facility.

With an international project of the complexity and scale of the SKA, clear and consistent communication with all stakeholders is essential. The global SKA Communications and Public Outreach Programme aims at positioning the SKA as one of the top scientific and technological global projects of the 21st century. It is a cooperative effort led by the SKA Organisation communication office in close collaboration with communication and outreach offices in the SKA member countries. This is done via the SKA Communications and Outreach Network (SKACON), which is led by a Steering Committee.

The key roles (non-exhaustive list) of the SKA Organisation Communications and Outreach Office are to:

• Set the strategic direction for international SKA communications

• Facilitate the growth of the SKA Organisation by generating global interest in the project and by supporting key players across the SKA partnership (including SKA Board members) to communicate its value to other governments and leading research institutions

• Support and coordinate international SKA presence at events (international conferences, etc.)

• Foster international collaborations in outreach, communications and educational projects

• Initiate and support SKA communications projects (Indigenous art exhibition world tour, etc.)

• Find routes to engage with non-member countries with a strategic interest for the SKA Project

• Manage the overarching SKA brand • Manage the international online presence