SKA Communications and Outreach Network Steering Committee

The SKA Communications and Outreach Network Steering Committee (SKACON SC, “SC” or Comms SC) is composed of the SKA Communications and Outreach Manager (COM) based at the SKA Organisation Headquarters, the Deputy COM, and one representative per member country as well as one SKA-related scientist to provide a broader perspective. The SC is chaired by the SKA COM.

The main objective of the SC is to ensure proper coordination, management, planning and control of the SKA-related communications and outreach initiatives. To achieve this, all SC members agree to communicate regularly about their own activities and plans, and share material for re-use by the other partners. Each member is requested to collaborate and contribute resources and expertise and all members agree to work together wherever possible.

The SC convenes quarterly teleconferences and a face-to-face meeting, at least once a year and on an ad-hoc basis as deemed necessary by the SC members. Other persons may be invited to attend meetings of the SC at the invitation of the SC members.

The fundamental aims of the SC are to achieve consensus where possible, avoid duplication of work where our aims and activities coincide, and promote one another’s mutual success, maintaining productive relationships and goodwill. SC members will also be involved in monitoring the use of our branding.

Members of the SC are listed in the table below.

Name Institution Country
William Garnier – Chair SKA Organisation SKA HQ (UK)
Mathieu Isidro – Vice Chair SKA Organisation SKA HQ (UK)
Jerry Skinner Department of Industry – SKA Australia Australia
Sylvia LeRoy NRC Canada
Gao Qiyang NRSCC China
Norbert Junkes MFIfR Germany
Ishwar Chandra NCRA India
Eleonora Ferroni INAF Italy
Roy van der Werp ASTRON the Netherlands
TBC TBC New Zealand
Lorenzo Raynard SKA SA South Africa
Robert Cumming Onsala Space Observatory Sweden
Jane Binks STFC United Kingdom