SKAO Monthly Bulletin

The SKAO Monthly Bulletin is a monthly update designed for the SKA community at large to keep informed on the progress of the project and related activities of SKAO staff. It is produced and published by the Comms Team of the SKA Organisation Headquarters at Jodrell Bank Observatory.

Thirteenth issue – July-August 2015: SKAO July-August 2015 Bulletin

Twelfth issue – May-June 2015: SKAO May-June 2015 Bulletin

Eleventh issue – April 2015: SKAO April 2015 Bulletin

Tenth issue – February-March 2015: SKAO February-March 2015 Bulletin

Ninth issue – January 2015: SKAO January 2015 Bulletin

Eight issue – November-December 2014: SKAO November-December Bulletin

Seventh issue – October 2014: SKAO October Bulletin

Sixth issue – September 2014: SKAO September Bulletin

Fifth issue – August 2014: SKAO August Bulletin

Fourth issue – July 2014: SKAO July Bulletin

Third issue – June 2014: SKAO June Bulletin

Second issue – May 2014: SKAO May Bulletin

First issue – April 2014: SKAO Internal Newsletter – April

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