SKA Organisation Staff

Xiaoxuan Zhu

System Engineer (Modelling)

Xiaoxuan is a System Engineer who is responsible for the SysML modelling and the System Readiness Assessment development. She is currently on a one year secondment from China working at the SKA Headquarters.

André van Es

Engineering Project Manager (SaDT and MFAA)

André is responsible for the delivery of the SaDT consortium providing networks and timing and frequency distribution and responsible for the MFAA, part of the AIP program. He has over 15 years experience as a project manager within Radio Astronomy at ASTRON and over 10 years experience in industry.

Corrie Taljaard

System Engineer (RAM & ILS)

Tim Stevenson

Chief System Engineer

Tim’s job is to ensure that the various systems of the SKA fit together when the time comes, that the SKA is fit for purpose and that no unnecessary cost has been introduced by a lack of compatibility across the system. Tim has more than 30 years experience of developing physical sciences instrumentation, mostly for space based astronomy and planet

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Adriaan Schutte

Power Engineer

Adriaan’s job is to manage and coordinate all power consumption, distribution and supply within the SKA project. This includes working with all consortia to minimize power consumption and to ensure the supply of reliable, low cost and green power to the individual components and the sites.

Juande Santander-Vela

System Engineer (SDP & TM)

Juande will oversee that the work done by the consortia designing the main super-computing SKA subsystems that deal with creating science-ready data, and orchestrating all of the SKA’s functions, complies with all science and technical requirements, and interoperate with the rest of the system elements.

Rodrigo Olguin

System Engineer (SaDT)

Rodrigo joined the SKA System Engineering team in April 2014 to support the Signal and Data Transport subsystem. His previous experience includes the ALMA observatory, where he worked for 7 years.

Susan Nel

Configuration Manager

Susan’s role is to ensure that the functions of product identification, change management, status accounting and audits are implememented and managed throughout the project. Susan has more that 20 years experience in implementing configuration, content management and document management systems.

Peter Hekman

Engineering Project Manager (AIV)

Currently seconded to the SKA Office from ESO, Peter is the AIV Engineering Project Manager. In is spare time he is designing and building a amateur radio station to experiment with microwave wave weak signal detection.

Daniel Hayden

Graduate Support Engineer

Daniel’s role includes supporting the systems engineering effort using modelling, which involves aligning certain modelling activities across the design consortia. Daniel first did an internship with SKA SA ten years ago, and now enjoys reading and the idea of guerrilla gardening.

Mark Harman

Engineering Project Manager (Dishes)

Mark co-ordinates all SKA dish activities at SKAO working with the Dish consortia tasked with developing SKA Dishes, Phased array feeds and Receivers which convert the Radio signals from the sky into digital data . This will be transported by the SADT consortia and delivered to the Central signal processor.

Philip Gibbs

Engineering Project Manager (CSP & LFAA)

Philip is responsible for the delivery of the Central Signal Processor (CSP) and Low Frequency Aperature Array (LFAA) at the SKAO and co-ordinates activities between the consortia and the SKAO. Philip is experienced in Radio Telescope Design and Deployment having worked on the engineering teams of the KAT-7 and Me

Miles Deegan

Engineering Project Manager (SDP & TM)

Miles’s job is to work with the consortia tasked with developing the hardware, software and algorithms needed to process data coming from the SKA correlators into science products (Science Data Processor), and the hardware and software necessary to control and schedule the telescope operations and associated infrastructure (Telescope Manager).

Martin Austin

Engineering Project Manager (Site and Infrastructure)

Martin is a civil engineer and project manager. His job is to work with the separate Infrastructure consortia in both South Africa and Australia tasked with the design of SKA1 infrastructure; roads, buildings, site monitoring equipment, power, water and sanitation.

Andrea Cremonini

System Engineer (Dishes)

As system engineer for the dish element my role is to support, build and keep on track the system engineering process from the requirements definition to the first light. Before I’ve joined to the SKA Office at the beginning of September, I’ve been employed for 13 years at the Radioastronomy Institute, in Italy.

Andrea Casson

Head of Project Management

Andrea’s job is to develop & implement project management procedures including planning, reporting & risk management. She joined SKA in June 2014 following 20 years working as a project & programme manager on multi-national projects in the telecoms industry & a brief stint as a secondary school physics teacher.

Marco Caiazzo

System Engineer (CSP)

Marco is a member of the SKA System Engineering team contributing mainly to the Central Signal Processor Work Package.

David Bolt

Graduate Support Engineer

David is a member of the SKA systems engineering team, his role is to provide SE support to the AIV team in the main, his time is also allocated to supporting the Infrastructure team to. David’s background is Integration Engineering with companies such as Rolls Royce Nuclear Submarines, Eurocopter and Thales.

Maria Grazia Labate

System Engineer (LFAA)

Dr. Maria Grazia Labate’s role is to form the primary link between the Aperture Array Element and the system technical efforts, overseeing and collaborating with the Aperture Array Design and Construction Consortium to ensure that the Element level system engineering products are coherent with the system level.

Altomese Brown

Project Officer