SKA Organisation Staff

James Green

Project Scientist

Dr. James Green is one of three Project Scientists working with the Science Director. Jimi is the project scientist allocated to the HI Galaxy, Magnetism and Pulsar science working groups and the DISH, CSP, Infra-Aus and WBSPF consortia. Jimi’s scientific research includes masers, star formation, magnetism, galactic structure and dynamics.

Martin Austin

Engineering Project Manager (Site and Infrastructure)

Martin is a civil engineer and project manager. His job is to work with the separate Infrastructure consortia in both South Africa and Australia tasked with the design of SKA1 infrastructure; roads, buildings, site monitoring equipment, power, water and sanitation.

Tyler Bourke

Project Scientist

Dr. Tyler Bourke comes to the SKA via the CfA in Boston and originally from Australia. He is the PS allocated to the Cradle of Life and Transient SWGs, and the Infrastructure Africa, SaDT, AIV, and MFAA Work Package Consortia. Tyler’s scientific interests lie in the area of Galactic star formation and he has been hooked on astronomy since 3rd grade