SKA Organisation Staff

Jeff Wagg

Project Scientist

Jeff is a member of the science team. Originally from Canada, he has worked at observatories on Mauna Kea in Hawaii, the Very Large Array in New Mexico, and ALMA in Chile. He is the scientific liaison for the LFAA, SDP and TM work consortia, as well as the continuum, cosmology and EoR science working groups.

Juande Santander-Vela

System Engineer (SDP & TM)

Juande will oversee that the work done by the consortia designing the main super-computing SKA subsystems that deal with creating science-ready data, and orchestrating all of the SKA’s functions, complies with all science and technical requirements, and interoperate with the rest of the system elements.

Miles Deegan

Engineering Project Manager (SDP & TM)

Miles’s job is to work with the consortia tasked with developing the hardware, software and algorithms needed to process data coming from the SKA correlators into science products (Science Data Processor), and the hardware and software necessary to control and schedule the telescope operations and associated infrastructure (Telescope Manager).