SKA Organisation Staff

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Wallace Turner

Domain Specialist (Signal Processing)

James Green

Project Scientist

Dr. James Green is one of three Project Scientists working with the Science Director. Jimi is the project scientist allocated to the HI Galaxy, Magnetism and Pulsar science working groups and the DISH, CSP, Infra-Aus and WBSPF consortia. Jimi’s scientific research includes masers, star formation, magnetism, galactic structure and dynamics.

Philip Gibbs

Engineering Project Manager (CSP & LFAA)

Philip is responsible for the delivery of the Central Signal Processor (CSP) and Low Frequency Aperature Array (LFAA) at the SKAO and co-ordinates activities between the consortia and the SKAO. Philip is experienced in Radio Telescope Design and Deployment having worked on the engineering teams of the KAT-7 and Me

Marco Caiazzo

System Engineer (CSP)

Marco is a member of the SKA System Engineering team contributing mainly to the Central Signal Processor Work Package.