SKA Organisation Staff

Mark Waterson

Domain Specialist (AA & PAF)

Gie Han Tan

Domain Specialist (RF/Dish)

Gie Han is a member of the SKA Architect team contributing mainly to the areas of antennas and receiver systems. He has been working for more than 25 years in radio astronomy on a broad range of research, design and construction projects covering the whole RF wavelength range, going from decameters; LOFAR where he e.g developed the “droopy dipoles”

Mark Harman

Engineering Project Manager (Dishes)

Mark co-ordinates all SKA dish activities at SKAO working with the Dish consortia tasked with developing SKA Dishes, Phased array feeds and Receivers which convert the Radio signals from the sky into digital data . This will be transported by the SADT consortia and delivered to the Central signal processor.

James Green

Project Scientist

Dr. James Green is one of three Project Scientists working with the Science Director. Jimi is the project scientist allocated to the HI Galaxy, Magnetism and Pulsar science working groups and the DISH, CSP, Infra-Aus and WBSPF consortia. Jimi’s scientific research includes masers, star formation, magnetism, galactic structure and dynamics.

Andrea Cremonini

System Engineer (Dishes)

As system engineer for the dish element my role is to support, build and keep on track the system engineering process from the requirements definition to the first light. Before I’ve joined to the SKA Office at the beginning of September, I’ve been employed for 13 years at the Radioastronomy Institute, in Italy.