SKA people

The SKA Organisation is proud to introduce its SKA People initiative.

As a 21st century cutting-edge international project, the SKA is committed to being forward-looking and innovative and a responsible global citizen. In terms of human capital development, the development of world-class talent in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and other fields is key to the continuation of innovation in radio astronomy and the delivery and use of the SKA to its full potential.

Fostering an open and diverse global community that draws from an array of unique experiences and viewpoints is a necessary step to realising this goal. This is why we have set out to feature on this page some of the key people around the world who are part of this incredibly ambitious project; people in all areas of expertise, such as science, engineering, technology and others; as well as people from all walks of life, demonstrating the diverse origins, and backgrounds of those who make the SKA what it is. With a diverse set of countries supporting it, this is the unique strength of the SKA: to draw from the best, no matter where they’re from or who they are.

Women have traditionally been under-represented in some fields of science and engineering and so we decided to kick off our SKA People initiative by featuring a few of the amazing women involved in the SKA. By having positive role models young girls can relate to, we hope to help break down stereotypes of scientists and encourage girls to take up STEM studies.

The recent Girls Night Out at Jodrell Bank which kickstarted our initiative went in that direction.


It’s our aim to organise and take part in outreach events that feature some of our SKA People and showcase the diversity of the SKA. Take a look at where we’ve been already!

Girls Night Out, Jodrell Bank, UK – 20 June 2015 SKAO & Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre jointly organised a “Girls Night Out” aiming to engage and interest girls of all ages into the field of STEM subjects, particularly astronomy.
Your Future, Your Ambition, Emirates Stadium, London, UK – 5 March 2015 YFYA brings together companies that embrace diversity and understand the value a diverse workforce brings to their business. Together with Jodrell Bank, the University of Manchester and STFC, they invited us as part of their event to introduce students to exciting career paths in STEM fields!
TEDx Manchester, UK – 2 March 2014 SKA system engineer Maria Grazia Labate gave a stellar talk on the SKA at TEDx Manchester in front of some 800 university students!

Meet our SKA People

SKA People is about showcasing the diversity of people who work on the SKA; mentors and role-models from all backgrounds who can inspire others. They are the amazing scientists, engineers, technicians, & experts in all fields involved in designing, building, and using the world’s largest radio telescope.

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