Your Future Your Ambition

In Early March we were invited by Cisco to take part in their annual outreach event “Your Future, Your Ambition”. The event was held at the Emirates stadium in London and attracted around 500 students aged 7-17 who were curious to discover how to make a career in STEM fields. We put together a team with Jodrell Bank, the University of Manchester and STFC to showcase some of the exciting careers around the SKA and astronomy.

Our project scientist Evan Keane, as well as Keith Grainge, SaDT consortium leader from the University of Manchester, and Naomi Smith from the Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre, Sophy Palmer and Vicky Stowell from STFC’s RAL lab volunteered to run the SKA booth, the theme of which was career opportunities in radio astronomy in the UK.

It featured a live video link and remote operation with a telescope in Cambridge as well as fun experiments like an infrared camera, spectroscopes and a touch screen table with videos and images of the SKA!

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